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This folk-influenced duo from the USA, comprising songwriters Rex Fowler (vocals/guitar) and Neal Shulman (vocals/guitar), met at an ‘open mike’ night at a Boston folk club in 1971. Taking their name from a line in the Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem ‘A Coney Island Of The Mind’, Aztec Two-Step made its recording debut on Elektra Records in 1972. Aztec Two-Step showcased their informal style and featured admirable support from several exemplary associates, including Elaine McFarlane, John Seiter (both ex-Spanky And Our Gang), John Sebastian, Doug Dillard and Jerry Yester, the latter of whom also produced the set. Shulman and Fowler moved to RCA Records for a number of mid-70s releases which, while accomplished, featured a less interesting supporting cast and lacked the charm of that first set.

Following 1980’s Times Of Our Lives the duo concentrated on live work for a number of years, but returned to the studio in the mid-80s to record the warmly-received Living In America. The 1989 Flying Fish release “See It Was Like This...” featured acoustic re-recordings of a selection of the duo’s 70s material. An album of new studio material, “Of Age”, was released in 1993, and was followed by a 25th anniversary live collection. Aztec Two-Step carried on into the new millennium with no sign of their cult popularity abating, and remained a solid live draw on the folk circuit. The duo released a new studio album in 2004, Days Of Horses, which saw Shulman taking on a greater share of the songwriting duties.

Tracks :

1 Rabbit in the Moon
2 Ballad of Humpty Dumpty and Cinderella
3 Baking
4 The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (On the Road)
5 Faster Gun
6 Living in America
7 Cosmos Lady
8 It's Going on Saturday
9 Whiskey Man
10 Dance
11 Johnny's an Angel
12 Highway Song
13 So Easy
14 You've Got a Way
15 Killing Me
16 Almost Apocalypse
17 Prisoner

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