Thursday, July 5, 2012


Originally titled HONEY IN THE ROCK and later renamed for its hit song (Daniels's first chart entry), UNEASY RIDER is the third Charlie Daniels album, but the first to put his name on the map. In addition to his previous southern-rock-meets-Western-swing sound, the album includes a significant R&B influence, making for an intriguing country-funk style. The title track's talking blues is particularly significant for espousing a hippie/counterculture perspective on the part of a man who'd later become known for championing more conservative values.

Tracks : 

01. Funky Junky (03:14)
02. Big Man (06:16)
03. Why Can't People (05:47)
04. Revelations (07:34)
05. Uneasy Rider (05:18)
06. Midnight Lady (04:39)
07. Somebody Love You (03:44)
08. No Place To Go (10:08)

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