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Hell Freezes Over is a live album by the Eagles, released in 1994. It contains four new studio tracks and eleven tracks recorded live for an MTV special. The album went to #1 on the Billboard album chart upon its release where it stayed for two weeks. It is the band's second live album behind their live album in 1980. The Eagles had reformed after a fourteen-year-long break up. Their resumption tour would be given that title after the statement Don Henley once gave when asked when the band would get back together. The album proved to be as successful as the tour, selling over six million copies and releasing two Top 40 singles in "Get Over It" and "Love Will Keep Us Alive". The band's lineup consisted of the Long Run era: Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Don Felder, and Timothy B. Schmit. The tour would last from 1994-96 and became one of the most successful tours in music history. The album also features an acoustic version of "Hotel California". Hell Freezes Over was also released in video form on VHS, LaserDisc and DVD.

    "Get Over It"* (Don Henley, Glenn Frey) - 3:31
    "Love Will Keep Us Alive"* (Pete Vale, Jim Capaldi, Paul Carrack) - 4:03
    "The Girl from Yesterday"* (Frey, Jack Tempchin) - 3:23
    "Learn to Be Still"* (Henley, Stan Lynch) - 4:28
    "Tequila Sunrise" (Henley, Frey) - 3:28
    "Hotel California" (Don Felder, Henley, Frey) - 7:12
    "Wasted Time" (Henley, Frey) - 5:19
    "Pretty Maids All in a Row" (Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale) - 4:26
    "I Can't Tell You Why" (Henley, Frey, Timothy B. Schmit) - 5:11
    "New York Minute" (Henley, Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar, Jai Winding) - 6:37
    "The Last Resort" (Henley, Frey) - 7:24
    "Take It Easy" (Jackson Browne, Frey) - 4:36
    "In the City" (Walsh, Barry De Vorzon) - 4:07
    "Life in the Fast Lane" (Henley, Frey, Walsh) - 6:01
    "Desperado" (Henley, Frey) - 4:17

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It wasn't long after arriving in the U.K. that South African student Denny Gerrard began making his mark on the music scene. In 1965, Jimmy Page picked him to become one half of the duo the Fifth Avenue, while Rolling Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham brought him in as arranger for his projectthe VariationsGerrard then linked up with Barry Younghusband, and as Warm Sounds they promptly unleashed the Top 30 hit "Birds and Bees." Swiftly bored with pop the duo soon split, and Gerrard moved into production, overseeing High Tide's critically acclaimed 1969 debut album, Sea Shanties. No surprise then, that when the South African began work on his own debut, self-produced, full-length, High Tidewere by his side. However, the resulting album, Sinister Morning, was far more a reflection of Gerrard's vision than Tide's sound. Much of the set has a folkie feel, accentuated by the prolific use of Gerrard's acoustic guitar and harmonica. Only on "Native Sun" is the band given a real chance to rock out, with the rest of the set given over to more midtempo numbers. These gave Gerrard the opportunity to explore his roots and showcase his arrangement skills. His epiphany is found on the final track, a haunting, seven-plus minute instrumental, whose rich "Atmosphere" is conjured up by his acoustic guitar andSimon House's delicate organ and rich violin. J.J. Mackey provides the spoken word segments that, sadly, are virtually buried in the mix. The album's other epic track, "True Believer" takes folk to church, withHouse's hymnal organ juxtaposed against a rich, Americana tapestry. "Autumn Blewn," in contrast, counterpoints '60s R&B with C&W, with Gerrard's harmonica adding a folkie feel to the intricate piece. "Rough Stuff" also has an R&B bend, but a down-home, Southern rock tinge, while "Stop or Drop It" is even more rousing, as Gerrard plays his pusillanimous acoustic guitar off against Tony Hill's electric leads. Although kept on a tight leash, High Tide still bring an energy to the set, turning up the heat on virtually all the songs, particularly the poppy "Hole in My Shadow," which was probably intended for singledom. The production gives the entire album a warm sound, although on CD it comes across as a tad too pristine. The only flaw within is Gerrard's decision to overutilize layered vocals instead of true harmonies, and paying far less attention to his vocals than he did to the rest of the album's sound. Released on Decca's mid-price imprint Nova, the album surprisingly sank without a track, but swiftly became a much sought-after collector's item. Finally after all these years, Esoteric has now lovingly remastered and reissued this splendid album on CD. 
~ Jo-Ann Greene

Tracks : 

Native Sun
True Believer
Hole In My Shadow
Last But One
Rough Stuff
Stop Or Drop It
Autum Blewn
Eye For Eye

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Lion's Share CD music "Shot in the Head," the slide guitar showcase that opens this solid set, became a staple of this veteran English band's live act. Lion's Share music CDs In his only full-time stint as singer for demanding bandleader Kim Simmonds, Dave Walker proves a serviceable, if unremarkable, successor to Chris Youlden. Besides their own tunes, the lads cover Howlin' Wolf and Little Walter. ~ Mark Allan

Tracks : 

Shot In The Head
Second Try
The Saddest Feeling
I Can't Find You
Howling For My Darling
So Tired
Denim Demon
Love Me Please
I Hate To See You Go

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Originally titled HONEY IN THE ROCK and later renamed for its hit song (Daniels's first chart entry), UNEASY RIDER is the third Charlie Daniels album, but the first to put his name on the map. In addition to his previous southern-rock-meets-Western-swing sound, the album includes a significant R&B influence, making for an intriguing country-funk style. The title track's talking blues is particularly significant for espousing a hippie/counterculture perspective on the part of a man who'd later become known for championing more conservative values.

Tracks : 

01. Funky Junky (03:14)
02. Big Man (06:16)
03. Why Can't People (05:47)
04. Revelations (07:34)
05. Uneasy Rider (05:18)
06. Midnight Lady (04:39)
07. Somebody Love You (03:44)
08. No Place To Go (10:08)

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