Thursday, May 17, 2012


Big House is a self-labeled "blues" band from Nashville via Bakersfield, California.
Lead vocalist/guitarist Monty Byron and keyboardist/slide guitarist Dave Neuhauser comprise the core of Big House; they've been writing and playing music together for fifteen years. Bassist Steve Vines and drummer Bernie Rappa complete the current manifestation of the band. Together they form a tight ensemble, at times reminiscent of a fine jazz quartet. There are no "stars" here, no ego-tripping showmanship. These musicians clearly respect the part each contributes to the whole.
Byron's voice is, to my ear, more country than bluesy, although I suspect such distinctions are more useful to marketers and promoters than to listeners. I find his strong voice warm and soulful, even a bit raspy where the music requires.

CDBaby's definition:
Big House is somewhere between the west coast country of the Eagles and the Memphis Stax /Volt sound of Otis Redding and the M.G.'s Soul Country.

Tracks :

01. You Ain't Lonely Yet
02. Cold Outside
03. Amarillo
04. Love Ain't Easy
05. Walkin' On Me
06. Sunday In Memphis
07. Blue Train
08. Soul Country
09. Cryin' Town
10. Whose Baby Will You Be Tonight
11. Road Man


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