Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Crazy Kind Of Life, is a natural progression of Bill Perry continued growth as an artist, his most complete and self-assured recording to date. While not seeking to break any stylistic barriers, it nonetheless offers an alluring package of what Bill calls "modern traditional" blues.

With Jimmy Vivino and Paul Orofino once again at the helm, Perry's gutsy vocals, guitar ferocity, and go-for-broke intensity highlight the album. Perry was much more involved in the songwriting this time around. He and Vivino had a hand in writing all the songs, with the exception of the Rolling Stones chestnut "No Expectations," on which special guest Richie Havens achingly interprets one of best blues tunes to ever come out of the rock idiom.

Perry's songwriting is very personal, going far beyond the usual "woke up this morning..." approach, while at the same time, his songs have a universal "everyman" appeal with an underlying sense of humor. "I really felt this album," says Bill. "I felt good making it."

Tracks :

1. Trouble in the Shotgun 2:50
2. Crazy Kind of Life 5:00
3. Too Hot 3:12
4. Honey Pie 3:22
5. Take You Down 3:35
6. 500 Miles 3:42
7. Junkie 3:01
8. Can't Buy My Love 4:36
9. Morning Spiritual 3:51
10. Girl's Gone Crazy 3:40
11. No Expectations 5:54

Artwork Included

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