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MAN - MAN 1969 US

Man consisted of Richard Supa (lead guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), Dennis Belline (rhythm guitar, piano, vocals), Richie Cardenas (bass, vocals), Gilbert Slavin (organ, piano, harpsichord, flute), Antony Krasinski (drums, percussion, harmonica).

The production was done by the legendary Bob Johnston. The album gets five stars for extraordinary songwriting. "Riverhead Jail", "Brother John" and "Far Too Many Changes Came" hold up well today.

If you've heard anything, it's probably "Sister Salvation", a "turntable hit" on a few progressive rock stations at the time the record was released. "Man" has a high degree of imagination, is very accessible, and has a unique singer with Richard Supa. Unfortunately, the group never jelled, and broke up after this record. It's a great addition to a 60s collection, and a long lost musical treasure.

The album jacket has a misty photo of the band members. Richard Supa and Dennis Belline collaborated in an obscure band called Denny Belline and The Rich Kids. They released one album on RCA in 1966. Richard Supa went onto a career as a session player and songwriter. His song "Chip Away The Stone" has been covered by Aerosmith and Humble Pie among others. Supa also released four solo albums between 1971 and 1978.

Man also produced a cover of Bob Dylan's "Girl From The North Country" that has to be heard to be believed. As far as we know it was only available on 45 rpm.

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Tracks :

1. Sleepy Eyes And Butterflies (5:50)
2. Riverhead Jail (4:20)
3. When Can I Call You Friend (4:57)
4. Brother John (3:58)
5. Far Too Many Changes Came (8:21)
6. Sister Salvation (2:58)
7. Camp Of The Gypsies (3:36)
8. O, Child, In Time (4:4


  1. Este extraordinario y excelente grupo musical nos presenta una verdadera joya-para exigentes conocedores de lo que es finísima calidad-con el álbum Man de 1969.Les recordamos y rememoramos muy intimamente la noche del 4 ó 5 de julio de 1969 en su inolvidable participación en el Fillmore East de New York.Esa bella y memorable noche juvenil tuvimos el privilegio de verlos en la apertura del fallido Concierto de Iron Butterfly-Keith Brann tuvo un 'acid'ente y los Iron no partiparon.Pero,la magistral actuación de MAN, junto a la no menos memorable de Blues Image, fueron motivo más que suficiente,paralograr las expectativas de una noche inolvidable y sublime. Man abrió con la herética, sensual y de ´doble sentido´ Sister Salvation-pariente no muy lejana de Lady Madonna-y luego nos deleitó con otras, como el soberbio Blues;'Far too many Changes Came''el cual,es todo un verdadero ICONO de lo que a un buen rico y formal blues se refiere.Un abrazo fraternal desde acá muy lejano entre las altas montañas de Puerto Rico a Supa, Belline, Cardenas, Slavin y el fino Krasinski por tal inolvidable compartir.Victor ´Gobin´ Cabello.

  2. It is interesting , that the songs mentioned above, as being the most memorable, are the three I least like on the album ! I will say listen to Sleepy Eyes & Butterflys, & Oh Child, In Time, both slower ballads, but very indicative of the 60's west coast sound. They still sound good today...


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