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Fleetwood Mac's first album made after the departure of Danny Kirwan features the additions of guitarist Bob Weston and singer Dave Walker. By now Bob Welch and Christine McVie were the dominant forces in the band, and all traces of blues-rock were gone, replaced by Welch's hypnotic melodies and McVie's romantic sentiments married to up-tempo pop tunes. This album gave Fleetwood Mac its best U.S. chart showing yet, but the wonder is that this phase in the band's career wasn't even more popular.

Review by William Ruhlmann

Tracks :

01. Remember Me (Christine McVie) – 2:41
02. Bright Fire (Bob Welch) – 4:31
03. Dissatisfied (Christine McVie) – 3:41
04. (I'm A) Road Runner (Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Edward Holland) – 4:52
05. The Derelict (Dave Walker) – 2:45
06. Revelation (Welch) – 4:57
07. Did You Ever Love Me (Christine McVie, Welch) – 3:41
08. Night Watch (Welch) – 6:16
09. Caught In The Rain (Bob Weston) – 2:41

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