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British Folk-Rock / Prog group Amazing Blondel, one of the most unique and sophisticated bands to appear on the scene in the 1970s. After recording four wonderful albums for the Island label, the band switched to the DJM label, where they recorded four additional albums before disbanding. With the departure of John Galdwin following the recording of "England", the duo of Terry Wincott and Edward Baird continued to carry the band's tradition, utilizing well-known Rock musicians as guest artists and modifying the sound to a more contemporary rockier song format. However, the Folk elements and occasional medieval music elements were still incorporated into the music, with their vocal harmonies remaining second to none. On this album the guests include Free's guitarist Paul Kossoff, drummer Simon Kirke and keyboardist John Bundrick. This is quite different from the first incarnation of the group, but still a great testimony of the times now long gone. Worth investigation!

Tracks :

1. Mulgrave Street (7:24)
2. Iron & Steel / Leader of the Band* (4:52)
3. Light Your Light (3:03)
4. Hole in the Head (2:17)
5. Help Us Get Along (3:48)
6. See 'em Shining (2:34)
7. Love Must Be the Time of Your Life (2:32)
8. All I Can Do (2:40)
9. Goodbye Our Friends* (3:15)
10. Sad to See You Go (3:20)

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