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Bruce Cockburn (prounced Co-burn) got started in 1969 when Neil Young canceled his headliner slot at Canada's Mariposa Folk Festival to appear at Woodstock. His knotty, fascinating blend of folk, jazz, and rock, blending progressive and Christian themes, quickly gained a following in Canada, and he had hits stateside with "Wondering Where the Lions Are," "If I Had a Rocket Launcher," and "Waiting for a Miracle." The diverse list of artists who've recorded Coburn's songs also includes Barenaked Ladies ("Lovers in a Dangerous Time"), Jimmy Buffett (no fewer than four times), the Jerry Garcia Band, and Ani DiFranco. Cockburn's work since the 1980s has been staunchly political and, in recent years, globally oriented in its musical approach.

Tracks :

1 Going to the Country (3:15)
2 Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon (3:48)
3 Together Alone (2:50)
4 The Bicycle Trip (4:11)
5 The Thirteenth Mountain (4:48)
6 Musical Friends (2:58)
7 Change Your Mind (2:26)
8 Man of a Thousand Faces (5:42)
9 Spring Song (5:02)
10 Keep it Open (1:51)

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