Saturday, April 2, 2011

HEDGE & DONNA (aka LOVE ) 1968

Hedge & Donna is gentle, soulful harmony and musical beauty of the late sixties and early seventies at its best. Their trace however in our days is surprisingly very hard to find despite their outstanding contribution to music.

Their legacy of great albums remains unissued in CD.

Tracks :

A1 Can You Hear Me 3:02
A2 Lace Child 2:10
A3 Sea Gull 3:12
A4 Catch The Wind 2:15
A5 Wings 2:54
B1 I've Got A Long Way To Go 2:47
B2 Long Dark Road 2:58
B3 Midnight (All The Songs Have Been Sung) 2:24
B4 I Want You To Want Me 2:34
B5 Follow 5:00

Artwork Included


  1. Superb information. Thank You. I've just found out about this pair via YouTUBE and the track Can You Hear Me (EarpJohn's channel).

  2. they put out some beautiful stuff through the years. i'd never heard this one, so looking forward to it. thanks.

  3. Amazing, thanks for all the great blues albums. Greetings from Poland.


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