Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Alex Campbell was one of Scotland's best-loved wandering minstrels. Learning the art of busking while traveling with American folk singers Derroll Adams and Ramblin' Jack Elliott during the late '50s, he continued to perform a mixture of traditional Scottish tunes, American work songs, spirituals, and ballads until his death in 1987. He played an important role in introducing the songs of Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, and Woody Guthrie to audiences in England and the Celtic Isles. Campbell moved to Denmark in the 1960s, settling first in Skagen and then in Tonder. For a brief period, Campbell was married to American folk singer, Peggy Seeger. In 2003, Storyville Records issued both In Copenhagen and At the Tivoli Gardens for the first time on CD. ~ Craig Harris, AllMusic

This has him in a different environment with two other capable musicians doing traditional arrangements. Most of MacLean's later work is his own brilliant compositions and guitar work.
One of the best.

Tracks :

1. The trooper and the maid (3:03)
2. I lo'e nae a lassie but ane (4:15)
3. Jute mill song (2:51)
4. Her fa la la lo (4:03)
5. Wha widna fecht for Charlie (1:40)
6. Leis a lurighan (2:49)
7. Bonnie Mary (3:24)
8. Rattlin' roarin' Willie (2:44)
9. John Anderson, my Jo (4:49)
10. Miss Elspeth Campbell/ Alick C. MacGregor (2:09)
11. Jock Stewart (4:42)
12. Little song (0:31)

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