Sunday, January 16, 2011


This album is the German release of the successful "Crna dama" project. It contains English lyrics and English song titles, which targeted the Western market at the time. Unlike the similar work done with the later "Dab In The Middle" release, "Black Lady" is much better LP. Musicianship is perfect, almost the same as on the original domestic "Crna dama" record. Arandjelovic's vocal, one of the most troubling element of the SMAK sound that was quite awful on "Dab In The Middle", actually sounds better here. Although I don't think the native English speakers would understand much of this singing, it can be useful to those who have real problems in listening to a totally strange language. This is a very rare issue on German Bellaphon label, but if you find it on the second hand market I would advise you to buy it.

Tracks :

Side 1
1. Black Lady
2. Matter of Love
3. Domestic Lesson

Side 2
1. Hello
2. Suffer
3. Tambourine
4. Here Alone (Sad Once More)

Artwork Included


  1. never heard about this stuff before, but imho great rock music, thnx ZIVAL

  2. Band from Serbia,one of the best band in the country :)

  3. This is band frome Serbia,one of the best band in the country ever!!!


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