Sunday, January 30, 2011

MAURO PELOSI is an Italian singer/song-writer, who released four personal albums in the 70's,a couple of them being of interest for progressive rock fans.At late 60's he collaborated with Beldisc Label,but soon he would quit due to disagreements related to his musical direction with the director.After doing his military service in 1969,he returned to Milan and he was signed by Phonogram Label.In 1972 he released his first solo output ''La stagione per morire''. PELOSI was helped by a mass of great musicians such as Gianni Leone and Gianni Stinga from ''Il balleto do bronzo'', keyboardist Mike Logan of ''The motowns'' and drummer Dave Baker from early-''Le orme''.
Despite the presence of musicians from the progressive rock scene,''La stagione per morire'' walks on the typical way and style of the Italian singer/song-writer albums with lots of lyrical moments, however it hold also enough progressive sounds.The atmosphere is really calm and pessimistic with depressive lyrics sung, of course, in Italian and Ronnie Jackson (ex- Simon Luca) dominating the compositions with his acoustic guitar...but most of the songs contain some really atmospheric keyboard work :Smooth piano passages,distinctive organ sounds and mostly light symphonic-related mellotron parts of high calibre.There are also some pastoral flute and violin parts in here,which add the album a folkish/traditional flavor.The compositions are quite strong with nice vocal arrangements and inspiring melodies.''La stagione per morire'' heads mainly towards listeners of calm,relaxing yet atmospheric acoustic prog,though fans of Italian prog in general will propably like it as well.Recommended.
Tracks :
Side A
2.Cosa Aspetti Ad Andar Via
3.Vent'anni Di Galera
5.La Stagione Per Morire

Side B
1.E Dire Cha A Maggio
2.Che Poi Non E Vero
3.Caro Amico

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