Friday, November 12, 2010


Breaking away from Savoy Brown to form this band, the members of Foghat knew from the start what sort of record they wanted to make. With heavy emphasis on the hard boogie, Foghat got down to work with the help of Dave Edmunds and crafted a hard rock gem. Covering Chuck Berry's "Maybellene," they goosed the beat up until it was almost a precursor of the heavy metal yet to come. Interspersing covers with original material, they immediately found a place for themselves in the rock world. ~ James Chrispell, All Music Guide

Tracks :

1. "I Just Want to Make Love to You" (Willie Dixon) - 4:21
2. "Trouble Trouble" (Dave Peverett) - 3:20
3. "Leavin' Again (Again!)" (Peverett, Tony Stevens) - 3:36
4. "Fool's Hall of Fame" (Peverett) - 2:58
5. "Sara Lee" (Peverett, Rod Price) - 4:36
6. "Highway (Killing Me)" (Peverett, Price) - 3:51
7. "Maybellene" - 3:33 (Chuck Berry)
8. "A Hole to Hide In" (Peverett, Price, Roger Earl) - 4:06
9. "Gotta Get to Know You" (Deadric Malone, Andre Williams) - 7:44


  1. Thanks for the great download! Almost forgot what a great band Foghat was. They took the classic blues songs and put their own rock spin on it.

  2. Thanks for this....seeing as its the first one and has dave edmunds and andy low on here.....must be worth a listen......first time for everything i guess....cheers.


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