Friday, August 6, 2010


Having sung the title role on the original 1976 album of Evita, Julie Covington declined the part in the stage production and instead recorded the marvellous Julie Covington... Plus, now available for the first time on CD. One of popular music's best-kept secrets, the original album was produced by Joe Boyd--legendary for his work with Fairport Convention, REM and the Incredible String Band; arranged by Robert Kirby, who had worked closely with Nick Drake; and featured contributions from Richard Thompson, Steve Winwood and John Cale. Covington proves herself an inimitably English interpretive singer--and her choice of material is immaculate, from Thompson's "I Want To See the Bright Lights Tonight", through John Lennon's "How", to Kate Bush's "The Kick Inside". Back in 1978, Julie Covington... Plus was an unjustly neglected gem, and its availability now is a genuine cause for celebration. --Patrick Humphries

Tracks :

1. I Want To See The Bright Lights
2. By The Time It Gets Dark
3. Sip The Wine
4. How
5. Barbara's Song
6. Little Bit More
7. Let Me Make Something In Your Life
8. I Can't Dance
9. Kick Inside
10. Dead Weight
11. Dancing In The Dark


  1. Fine share, thanks very much! :)

  2. would you, by any chance, have her "Beautiful changes" album ?

  3. Wasnt she in the tv series "rock follies"?......anyways some excellent people backing her so im sure its going to be good....and interesting....thanks for the share.


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