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The embryo to the Contact Group was Rupert annexed around 1963 during high school at Indore Southern Läroverksvägen for Ted Power, Tomas Larsson, Lars-Goran Reijner and Jens Bagge. The band played mostly cover songs that every other band at that time. Ted Power read later on at Konstfack and formed there with Tomas Larsson and Leif Reinholds even a cover band at the name Harbor. The group played some Beatles and Stones covers, but since changing its name to Yellow & Blues and went more towards RnB.

1967 came and the Flower Power wave band change its name to the Grand Canyon and took with Ann-Sofie Nilsson on vocals. The group songs had now become very long and more monotonous and the thought of including Club Circle and Domino. The skills including the then completely unknown Peps Persson on one occasion. In 1968 the group changed its name finally to Contact and played on the particular gun Theatre and Museum of Modern Art.

Contact 1969 got an offer to record a single at MNW. The single was released in autumn 1969 and the same time the group participated in a radio program where Måns Rossander brought together groups with different styles of music. Contact meeting where Beard's team and there was sweet music. The single "She came over mon" was thus submitted by the two groups together. Contact has also appeared with the song "Crying song" to the Beard's team's debut LP.

In the summer of 1970 came to American Kim Fowley Sweden and managed to persuade Contact MNW and to make an English album for "internationalization" instead of following up the success with the single "She came over mon". Some international launch but it was never the plate "Nobody want's to Be Sixteen" was in all cases the autumn 1970th Around the same time ended Tomas Larsson and Lorne de Wolfe jumped in on bass.

In the autumn of 1970 participated in the Contact a play at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, which inspired them to once again write lyrics in Swedish. In the spring of 1971 came at last LP "She came over mon" which became MNWs first big seller and it got lots of positive reviews and even a Grammy. On disc'm Contact with Beard's team of Swedish folk music texts that was something completely new and almost revolutionary in Sweden (Kebnekaise played folk rock until 1972). Before the group's next album broke them with MNW and went instead to the more commercial Polydor which brought about some debate in prog circles. In the autumn of 1972 was "excellent" and contact was now a popular live band that toured in 1970-72, both Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Contact Autumn 1972 was his last gig at the Corps in Gothenburg together with Hoola Bandoola Band and after the group disbanded. After Contact drove Lorne de Wolfe with Dick Hansson Group Hansson de Wolfe United and Ted Power then moved to the Norrbotten iron where he was a member 1974-76. He has also published eight boards in his own name over the years and done some theater and film music.

1989 reunited the group with the same composition as 1971 to MNWs 20th anniversary and a gig at Joy House in Stockholm. Even in the summer of 1991, visitors had to Visfestivalen in Västervik visit the Contact reunited. It was not until the summer of 2001 when the group was invited to play at Skeppsholmen Festival in Stockholm. Autumn 2002 Contact'm in the Baltic Sea "Rock at Sea". In summer 2003 they played at the Falun Folk Music Festival and later in the autumn of 2003, they visited again on the "Rock at Sea". In 2004, so even a remastered collection of Contact's best songs and some previously unreleased material and a newly written song.

Tracks :

Whats That (Steerling-Fowley)
Wounds (Power)
Visions of Apple (Steerling)
Sounds of Wind (Steerling-Fowley)
Velvet Blue Saloon (Power)
How Was Your Summer (Fowley)
One Of Those (current)
Conquest Of A Red Rose (Steerling)
Nobody Wants to Be Sixteen (Power)
Misjudgement (Steerling)
She Is Impossible to See (Steerling)


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