Friday, July 23, 2010


Hard rock band (whose name means "Nuclear Shelter" in Croatian) founded in 1977. The name comes from the 1968 anti-war play by Boško Obradović, a poet who would later supply the band with lyrics. The band in the early phase was a rather peculiar combination of what band members described as rock music and hippie lyrics. Due to their peculiar lyrics, the band never gained as much popularity as Prljavo Kazalište or Azra, but it remained a favourite among some critics and had a small but dedicated following.

Tracks :

1. Od rata do rata
2. Ne cvikaj generacijo
3. Tko će tad na zgarištu reći
4. Saznao sam dijagnozu
5. Umro je najveći mrav
6. Pomorac sam majko
7. Posljednji let Boinga 707
8. Otmica naše ljubavi
9. Kinematograf našeg djetinjstva
10. Nek vam je sa srećom


  1. hey man, I'm from Croatia and this is one of my favorite Cro bands. I'm glad you posted that album, it's their best album IMO. peace, check out my blog with 60s and 70s music ;)

  2. The above imbecile is definitely not Bruno but a sick impersonator. He evn hides his profile.

    Why are anal-fixated morons allowed to post their crap here?

  3. turn me over/play me againApril 1, 2011 at 11:08 AM

    GREAT band.I've been looking for this album for years.Any chance of posting their- Mighty -Live LP "Atomska Trilogia" from 1980? It seems to have vanished from view completely. Greece salutes the once Great Yugoslavian Rock Scene.


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