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This Was (1968) is the first album by the rock band Jethro Tull. Recorded at a cost of only £1200 GBP, the album received generally favorable reviews and sold well upon its release. In the documentary film of the Woodstock Festival, portions of the songs "Beggar's Farm" and "Serenade to a Cuckoo" may be heard on the PA system, indicating the level of notice the album achieved in the United States. The album reached number 10 on the UK Album Chart[1] and number 62 on the Billboard 200.

Unlike their later albums, vocalist Ian Anderson shared songwriting duties with guitarist Mick Abrahams. Due to his influence, the album overall has more of a rhythm and blues feel than the progressive rock the band later became known for.

This album also contains the only non-instrumental Jethro Tull song not sung by Ian Anderson to be released on a studio album, "Move On Alone", where Mick Abrahams sings. David Palmer provided the horn arrangement.

Abrahams left the group following this album in a dispute over "musical differences".

The album includes a cover version of the jazz tune "Serenade to a Cuckoo" by Roland Kirk, whose flute technique was an influence on Anderson.

"Dharma for One" was later covered by Ekseption, Pesky Gee! and Ides Of March.

"Cat's Squirrel" was later used by Mick Abrahams in Blodwyn Pig, Abrahams' post-Jethro Tull band.

A deluxe two-CD fortieth anniversary edition was released in 2008. It contains the original mono version, a stereo version remixed from the original four-track session tapes, and two additional bonus studio tracks, "Sunshine Day" and "So Much Trouble".

Tracks :

"My Sunday Feeling" (Anderson) – 3:43
"Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You" (Anderson) – 2:49
"Beggar's Farm" (Abrahams/Anderson) – 4:19
"Move on Alone" (Abrahams) – 1:58
"Serenade to a Cuckoo" (Kirk) – 6:07
"Dharma for One" (Anderson/Bunker) – 4:15
"It's Breaking Me Up" (Anderson) – 5:04
"Cat's Squirrel" (Traditional, arranged by Abrahams) – 5:42
"A Song for Jeffrey" (Anderson) – 3:22
"Round" (Anderson/Abrahams/Bunker/Cornick/Ellis) – 1:03
"One for John Gee" (Abrahams) – 2:06
"Love Story" (Anderson) – 3:06
"Christmas Song" (Anderson) – 3:08


  1. Always liked earlier 'Tull. Thanks. First saw them back in '69, in High School.

  2. The first step of one of the all time best bands. And surely one not to be missed.

  3. Can you post these rarities:
    I Love You- Capitol- 1968
    Both Sides of People - Capitol- 1969
    There are People and There are People- Paramount- 1970

    Larry Norman (of People fame):
    Upon This Rock- 1970; Capitol ST-446 or SKAO-446
    Only Visiting this Planet- MGM-Verve- 1972- Verve V6-5092 produced by Beatles producer, George Martin)
    So Long Ago the Garden- MGM- Verve- 1973- MGM SE-4942 produced by Beatles producer, George Martin)
    45 single: Capitol 2429: Blow In My Ear And Ill Follow You Anywhere /
    I Got A Letter Today From The President
    (as by The Flies, 1969)

    People Singles (not on any of their 3 albums except I Love You):
    Beechwood Music Acetates
    USA Apple Cider / Apple Cider (instrumental) (1968)
    USA Giant Man / Giant Man (instrumental) (1968?)
    USA Giant Man / Opposite Me (1968?)
    USA Capitol 5920: Organ Grinder / Riding High (1967)
    USA Capitol 2078: I Love You / Somebody Tell Me My Name
    (1968; 1969-71)
    USA Capitol 2251: Apple Cider / Ashes Of Me (1968)
    Capitol single 2499 ("Turnin Me In" / "Ulla") from 1969
    "Harmony" / "Leader Of The Band" (EMI 2010).

    Talbot Brothers (of Mason Proffit fame):
    Self-Titled- 1974- Warner Brothers

    Mylon LeFevre:
    • 1970 Mylon (We Believe) Cotillion Records SD-9026
    • 1971 With Holy Smoke Columbia Records 31085
    • 1972 Over the Influence Columbia Records KC 31472

    Glass Harp-self-titled- Released: 1970
    Decca DL 75261 (LP)
    Glass Harp- Synergy- Decca- 1971
    Glass Harp- It Makes Me Glad- Released: 1972
    Decca DL 7-5358 (LP)

  4. Darn, link's dead. I really love your music blog. I grew up in the day, but there's plenty of stuff here that I have never heard of (like the Janis Joplin album). Thank you!


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