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FREEDOM was formed in the autumn of 1967 by two ex members of PROCOL HARUM, drummer BOBBY HARRISON and guitarist RAY ROYER. Following the release of “Black On White” Harrison sacked the other group members and invited super cult guitarist ROGER SAUNDERS and bass player WALTER MONAGHAN to join him playing heavy blues rock.

During 1969 they released “Freedom At Last” followed in 1971 by “Through The Years” They got to tour the USA supporting BLACK SABBATH and JETHRO TULL where both albums got released.

Whilst they could sell out live shows and had toured extensively throughout their career the goal of a hit album eluded them and in 1972 they threw in the towel.

Bobby Harrison went on to form SNAFU with MICKY MOODY, Roger Saunders joined MEDICINE HEAD then spent most of the 80’s as a member of GARY GLITTER’S band. Freedom never quite made it to the first division of British rock. Not because of lack of ability, just sheer lack of luck. What we are left with is perhaps more a case of “what might have been” than what actually was, at least in a commercial sense.

Tracks :

Enchanted Wood
Down in the Bottom
Have Love Will Travel
Cry Baby Cry
Time of the Season
Hoodoo Man
Built For Comfort
Never Loved a Girl
My Life
Can't Stay With Me
Dusty Track


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