Wednesday, March 24, 2010


" After the dissolution of Pollen, Rivest produced this cycle of pretty, sometimes folky, song-based material. Helping him on the release is most of Pollen; Lemay, Lemoyne, even original drummer Courchesne. The direction is different from Pollen; it's as if you took the understated parts of their album such as "l'Indien" and built an album around them. While this leads to fewer displays of virtuosity, it is still recognizable territory for fans of the band, with Rivest's vocals and Lemay's keys as the strong points. "

Tracks : FLAC

1. Dimanche (2:21)
2. La Langue De Son Pays (4:23)
3. Voyage Au Tibet (7:30)
4. Clown d' Un Soir (3:34)
5. Messager Du Temps (3:11)
6. Toujours Plus Haut (3:51)
7. La Nuit (4:41)
8. Trouver Ma liberté (4:10)
9. Laisse Toi Donc Aller (3:07)

Bonus track on ProgQuebec release MPM16
10. Prendre Son Temps (3:33)

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