Thursday, February 11, 2010


In early 1970s's anybody in Poland who have ever tried play music had to study this album. Everybody. Some of them admit to that, some of them don't but the fact is: this generation got its first blues lessons not from Clapton but by studding this album, especially Darek Kozakiewicz's guitar solos. What even more amazing this album single-handed created modern rock music in Hungary. Practically all first release of this LP was sold out to Hungarians who have visited Poland those days, the albums was moving from the shelves as quickly as freshly baked bread... Since that Hungarian rock music got really good and interesting, they have so many great bands, very popular in Poland as well... ( Tadeusz Nalepa )

This artist, Tadeusz Nalepa, hails from Poland, and his band, Breakout, was considered on of the best and most influential rock bands in Poland and it really shows when you begin to listen to this album. Breakout was a band formed in 1969 by Tadeusz Nalepa. Originally, all the singing was done by Mira Kubasinska, but he was later replaced by Nalepa who was also the guitarist and harmonica player. This album, Blues, was Breakout's third album and finally became the sound that they followed.

Tracks :

1. Ona poszla inną drogą
2. Kiedy bylem malym chlopcem
3. Oni zaraz przyjda tu
4. Przyszla do mnie bieda
5. Pomaluj moje sny
6. Usta me ogrzej
7. Gdybym byl wichrem
8. Co się stalo kwiatom
9. Dzisiejszej nocy


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  2. Of course. You just have to learn Polish or use a translator. You really should know a "Breakout"!


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