Sunday, February 7, 2010


This album is an example of how the blues should be heard. From the opening track to the end, this album is a classic. There are a few really stand out cuts on this one, such the second track; The Bluest Blues, which is a very excellent slow sit back and groove cut. The next two cuts are also really nice, but my favorite one on this album is Slow Blues in "C". This track I can play over and over and have done so on numerous occasions. For some down right jamming, I recommend I Woke Up This Morning. It has all of the elements of an excellent party song. All in all, a really fantastic album which showcase the guitar playing skills of Alvin Lee. Yes, I would recommend this album to my friends.
By stan25 (Riverton Wyoming)

Tracks :

01. Don't Want You Woman
02. The Bluest Blues
03. I Woke up This Morning
04. Real Life Blues
05. The Stomp
06. Slow Blues in C
07. Wake up Moma
08. Talk Don't Bother Me
09. Every Blues You've Ever Heard
10. I Get All Shook Up
11. Lost in Love
12. Help Me - Alvin Lee, Dixon, Willie
13. Outside My Window


  1. Es de lo mejor que he escuchado en blues. Muy,muy bueno.... Thanks.

  2. Thanks man, this is fuckin good music


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