Sunday, January 24, 2010


John Porter-1982-Magic Moments (acoustic Live)..

One of the few "rock" records sold in music stores for pre-perestroika country ...
One musician ... one guitar ... one magic!

John Porter - an Englishman, of Polish descent, was born August 15, 1950 in Lichfield, Wales (do not confuse it with another Englishman, John Porter of English descent, born in 1947, guitarist and producer of Roxy Music ... and other groups).In the late seventies he returned to their historical homeland, created the group John Porter Band and deservedly become the pride of all Poles.And the musical material of the plate corresponds to the name - truly magical moments!

Side A
01 Caravana lover
02 Too much trouble
03 Magic moment
04 Not standing, not dancing
Side B
05 Still in Warsaw
06 Faces and waves
07 Stoned livin'
08 I'm just a singer

All compositions and lyrics by John Porter
Concert recorded at "Teatr STU" Krakow 16-17 november 1982


  1. Wow. Big thanks for this one. I was at this concert.

  2. Thanks! I have this LP just before Velvet revolution in Czech Republic. One of best recordings which I know. Very expressive.


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