Saturday, December 19, 2009


James Taylor bounced back from the spotty Flag with this all-original album led by his collaboration with J.D. Souther on "Her Town Too," his biggest pop hit since "Handy Man," and his biggest non-cover hit since his first, "Fire And Rain," in 1970. Also included were "Hard Times" and "Summer's Here," not to mention the unusually impassioned "Stand And Fight." After simmering this long, there wasn't much hope Taylor would ever come to a boil, but that track indicated he could at least heat up now and then. William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

Tracks :

1. Hard Times (J. Taylor)
2. Her Town Too (J. D. Souther, J. Taylor, W. Wachtel)
3. Hour That the Morning Comes (J. Taylor)
4. I Will Follow (J. Taylor)
5. Believe It or Not (J. Taylor)
6. Stand and Fight (J. Brackman, J. Taylor)
7. Only for Me (J. Taylor)
8. Summer's Here (J. Taylor)
9. Sugar Trade (J. Buffett, T. Mayer, J. Taylor)
10. London Town (J. Taylor)
11. That Lonesome Road (D. Grolnick, J. Taylor)


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