Saturday, December 19, 2009


TAMNA VODA completes the multicultural adventure cycle begun on DARK's coruscating debut. Percussionist extraordinaire Mark Nauseef, guitarist Miroslav Tadic, bassist Mark Sims, and second drummer Leonice Shinneman take us through dank tunnels of killer fusion, aided by guest musicians David Torn and L. Shankar-who rips loose with some of the most hauntingly surreal violin licks in recent memory. Dark takes its cues equally from Mahavishnu Orchestra, Krakatau, and King Crimson. In fact, the opening "Trilok," no doubt a paean to that much-regarded tabla player, could be lost sessions from Crimson's LARKS TONGUES IN ASPIC, featuring Shankar's piercing violin wails, Nauseef's nimble turns of phrase, and Tadic's volcanic guitar rushes.
Things get a little Return to Forever-ish on the skankin' "Ready to Order," replete with vibes right out of the Pierre Moerlen school of post-Gong fusion, but Nauseef's complex fills and trills upset the apple cart every few moments. It doesn't get much better than this. Dark's music is timeless, thoroughly satisfying, original, and excellent.

Tracks :

1. Trilok (M. Nauseef)
2. Xantrophyl (L.Shinneman)
3. Sacred Heart (M. Nauseef)
4. Drifting (J. Hendrix)
5. Buzzard Luck (L.Shinneman)
6. Tamna voda (M. Tadic)
7. Ready To Order (M. London Sims)
8. Smoke At Will (M. London Sims)
9. Para (J. Kühn)
10. Merciful (M. Nauseef)


Artwork Included

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