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Doc Holliday is from the State of Georgia, where Southern rock began with the legendary Allman Brothers Band. The group was signed to A&M records in 1980, and shot to world-wide attention in 1981 when their debut album “DOC HOLLIDAY” entered the Billboard charts in the top 30. They quickly began to receive the attention of the European music press, and the second album “DOC HOLLIDAY RIDES AGAIN” was a worldwide success. It contains the Southern rock classic ‘Lonesome Guitar’, a hit in the tradition of Lynyrd Skynyrd's ‘Freebird’.

In 1983, the band released their third album. “MODERN MEDICINE” was an experiment, mixing the modern rock sounds of the 80’s with Southern rock. It was a failure.During this whirlwind three-year period, Doc Holliday played 250 shows a year, sharing the bill with acts like Black Sabbath, Molly Hatchet, Charlie Daniels, Gregg Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Blackfoot, April Wine, Loverboy and more. The band played at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Santa Monica Civic Center in Los Angeles, and in most major cities in between.

The pace of touring and the lack of acceptance for “MODERN MEDICINE” contributed to the band’s breakup in 1984. After some time off to reflect and regroup, Doc Holliday was reformed for the 1986 European release “DANGER ZONE” on the Metal Masters label.

In 1989, the band recorded its fifth album “SONG FOR THE OUTLAW-LIVE”, now considered a “must have” classic for any Southern rock fan. During the 90’s, the group began to tour Europe extensively.

The next album “SON OF THE MORNING STAR” came out in the Fall of 1993, and the band continued to tour Europe. In 1994, “SON OF THE MORNING STAR” came out in the U.S.

In 1996, the seventh CD “LEGACY” was released to critical acclaim worldwide, but the group began to tour less and less.

In 1999 the first three LPs, “DOC HOLLIDAY”, “DOC HOLLIDAY RIDES AGAIN” and “MODERN MEDICINE” were re-released by A&M (the first time on compact disc) and the band decided to tour Europe again.

Doc Holliday started the new millennium off with a show in Berlin, at the largest New Year’s Eve party in the world, with 2.5 million people in attendance. The Europe 2000 Tour followed. In the spring of 2000, the band was voted into the Southern Rock Hall Of Fame.

In 2001 Bruce Brookshire released his first solo CD “THE DAMASCUS ROAD”, an album of original acoustic-based Christian music. Bruce, along with band members Daniel Ford and Danny Lastinger performed ministry shows at churches in Europe and the U.S. and at Christian music festivals like Memphis Fest and the Cornerstone Festival.

In 2001 Halycon Music reissued the classic Doc LP’s “DANGER ZONE” and “SONG FOR THE OUTLAW-LIVE” with digital remastering and bonus tracks added to each CD. At the end of 2001, Halycon released the CD, “A BETTER ROAD” to wide critical acclaim. The 2002 Summer “A Better Road” European Tour included dates in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden.

In the summer of 2003, Phoenix Records in Hamburg released a compilation called “GUNFIGHTER-The Best Of The 90’s”, and in the fall the band released it’s 10th album, “GOOD TIME MUSIC” on Phoenix. Doc Holliday toured Europe in November of 2003 and also in July of 2004 in support of “GOOD TIME MUSIC”.

In 2006, Phoenix Records released “REBEL SOULS", a collection of cover songs from diverse sources like The Beatles, The Marshall Tucker Band and Bad Company that were chosen to reveal some of the musical influences of this Southern rock powerhouse. The band’s 25th Anniversary Tour of Europe in the summer of 2006 saw Doc Holliday performing for fans from Scandinavia, the U.K., Belgium, France and Germany. The label and the band chose the resulting CD, titled "25 ABSOLUTELY LIVE", from over 100 live tracks that were recorded during the tour. The CD represents Southern rock at it's best, with no overdubs or additional tracking done. "What the audience heard is what you get on this CD," said Bruce Brookshire. "I think Tom Hallek and his crew at Phoenix Records did a great job of mixing and caring for those tracks". The band continues to tour sporadically in Europe, but aside from charity shows, very rarely makes an appearance in the US.

Tracks :

01. Ain't No Fool (4:05)
02. Magic Midnight (3:40)
03. A Good Woman's Hard To Find (4:18)
04. Round And Round (2:55)
05. Moonshine Runner (4:30)
06. Keep On Running (4:27)
07. Never Another Night (4:08)
08. The Way You Do (3:54)
09. Somebody Help Me (3:08)
10. I'm A Rocker (3:02)
11. Bad Love (Demo, Bonus Track) (3:43)
12. Crazy (Demo, Bonus Track) (3:09)
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