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Following the relative success of Mirage, Camel decided to embark on that staple of prog rock, the concept album. When they were finished, they produced an instrumental one that holds together quite well. The Snow Goose (technically, the title is legally Music Inspired By The Snow Goose) is a beautiful work of prog grandeur, one that lovers of melodic prog should enjoy.

The story for this disc comes from a short book of the same name (hence the "legal" title). It basically has something to do with an isolated hunchback, a little girl, and a wounded (surprise!) Canadian snow goose. To get the full story, see Eric Porter's review below. Knowing nothing of the story when I first listened to this album, I can say that the plot isn't essential to enjoying the work.

Put simply, this album is a great blend of acoustic and electric guitar work, beautiful melodic keyboard work, accented by the occasional orchestral moment. It is a lush work, well orchestrated. Some of the most interesting non band work, however, is the chamber wind ensemble feel of "Friendship". Where was this when I was a high school clarinet player?

The only downfall here is that the music very rarely hits any emotional high points for me. The closest is probably the buildup of "Dunkirk". Nothing really reaches out and grabs me, tho'. But that's a relatively small nit. There is plenty of great music going on here, particularly if you can just sit back and take it in.

review by Jon Byrne

Tracks :

1. The Great Marsh — 2.02
2. Rhayader — 3.01
3. Rhayader Goes To Town — 5.20
4. Sanctuary — 1.05
5. Fritha — 1.19
6. The Snow Goose — 3.12
7. Friendship — 1.44
8. Migration — 2.01
9. Rhayader Alone — 1.50
10. Flight Of The Snow Goose — 2.40
11. Preparation — 3.58
12. Dunkirk — 5.19
13. Epitaph — 2.07
14. Fritha Alone — 1.40
15. La Princesse Perdue — 4.44
16. The Great Marsh — 1.20

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