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Deuce was released in 1971 and is the second album by Rory Gallagher. In contrast with his previous album, Rory Gallagher which he believed to have an organised sound, Deuce was an effort by Gallagher to capture the energy of a live performance. recorded at Tangerine Studios in Dalston with Gerry McAvoy on bass guitar and Wilgar Campbell on drums and percussion. In order to capture the feeling of a live performance that Gallagher wanted, he would often record immediately before or after live performances while keeping production at a minimum. Deuce was remastered from the original master tapes in 1997 by Colin Fairly at Tony Arnold's Courthouse Facilities in Dorset. The remastered album was released in 2000 with the bonus track "Persuasion".

Tracks :

1. "I'm Not Awake Yet" - 5:24
2. "Used to Be" - 5:06
3. "Don't Know Where I'm Going" - 2:42
4. "Maybe I Will" - 4:15
5. "Whole Lot of People" - 4:57
6. "In Your Town" - 5:47
7. "Should've Learnt My Lesson" - 3:36
8. "There's a Light" - 5:59
9. "Out of My Mind" - 3:05
10. "Crest of a Wave" - 6:00
11. "Persuasion" - 4:42 (Bonus track on 1999 reissue)

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  1. I take exception to the term rock and roll journeyman, Rory Gallagher was in fact a guitar/blues genius who for some reason seems to be overlooked somewhat in the pantheon of greatness. However the album does rock...

  2. I take exception to the whole review! I've no time now to go into detail but I'm coming to get you Alan.. beware!!!
    Rory's mother

  3. +
    Thanks for deleting that mean spirited review.. I checked out the source and it's from '71 so I guess the dude is long gone.
    .Rory was a true blue(s) musician I was lucky to catch his first solo tour way back in the day and was blown away.
    Recently I saw Rick Wakeman's excellent tv prog Face to Face and he was interviewing Brian May who cited Rory as a main inspiration and praised him to the hilt. Also check out The Edge's equally ecstatic comments.
    Ok Deuce wasn't as good as the first album but still was head and shoulders above a lot of the white blues around at the time.
    I really enjoy visiting your excellent eclectic blog but felt sorely stung by that snide review. You did the right thing by removing it.
    Keep up the great work!
    Flann O' Brienn

  4. Original Rory.! This album sounds like the first and the Taste albums.
    Thanks a lot.


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