Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is a wonderful snapshot of Crosby & Nash in their early post-CSNY days. The performances are complimented by some wonderful banter between the duo and audience; almost like Nash playing Abbott to Crosby playing Costello.

The song selection is a splendid mix of early Crosby nuggets from If I Could Only Remember My Name ("Laughing", the sweet "Traction In The Rain") and Nash from his Songs For Beginners period. In fact, Nash's version of "I Used To Be A King" is quite Neil Young-esque in delivery. It is also interesting to hear studio-enhanced material like "Orleans" stripped down to its bare essentials. Even the nuggets like a blissful "Wooden Ships" shines. There isn't a dud moment, and each song is braced with a combination of heart, humility and intimacy that is often rare in live recordings.

Kudos to the Grateful Dead Organization for releasing a first-class CD of their musical breathren. And Kudos to David and Graham for making such wonderful music.

info by John J. Wood

Tracks :

1. Anticipatory Crowd
2. Deja Vu
3. Wooden Ships
4. Man in the Mirror
5. Orleans
6. I Used to Be a King
7. Traction in the Rain
8. Lee Shore
9. Southbound Train
10. Laughing
11. Triad
12. Where Will I Be?
13. Strangers Room
14. Immigration Man
15. Guinevere
16. Teach Your Children
17. Exit Sounds

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  1. thanks for this one preacher,very enjoyable, and yes i agree with your comments. hope your printer/scanner's feeling better soon. cheers from oz.

  2. to say thanks is not enough! can't wait to listen to this


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