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Clouds is the 1969 second album by Joni Mitchell. It is sparsely arranged, with little more than Mitchell's voice and solo acoustic guitar for accompaniment. All Music describes "Songs to Aging Children Come" as featuring "perhaps the most remarkably sophisticated chord sequence in all of pop music", employing chords chromatically related by tritone or thirds.

Particularly well known are the songs "Both Sides Now", which Mitchell had written for others but sung herself for the first time on this record, and "Chelsea Morning".

The cover art depicts Mitchell's home town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, showing the South Saskatchewan River that flows through the city, and the Bessborough Hotel, an historic railway hotel built in the days before asphalt-surface highways. In the self-portrait, Mitchell holds the floral emblem of the Province of Saskatchewan: the "western red lily" (aka prairie lily or Lilium philadelphicum var. andinum).

In 1970 Clouds won the Grammy for best folk album of 1969.


"Tin Angel" – 4:09
"Chelsea Morning" – 2:35
"I Don't Know Where I Stand" – 3:13
"That Song About the Midway" – 4:38
"Roses Blue" – 3:52
"The Gallery" – 4:12
"I Think I Understand" – 4:28
"Songs to Aging Children Come" – 3:10
"The Fiddle and the Drum" – 2:50
"Both Sides Now" – 4:32

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