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By virtue of containing "Funk #49," if for no other reason, RIDES AGAIN, the second album from Cleveland rockers the James Gang, was one of the templates for '70s American blues/boogie rock. While there's no denying that cuts like the aforementioned iconic riff monster and the driving "Woman" are full of long-haired, shirtless, amps-on-11 abandon, there are a number of acoustic-based moments on the album as well, making it plain that neither singer/guitarist Joe Walsh, nor the rest of the James Gang, were one-trick ponies. The folky fingerpicking of "Ashes, the Rain and I" and the easygoing strum of "There I Go Again" provide a nice contrast to the band's harder-edged tunes.

Tracks :

1. "Funk #49" (Fox, Peters, Walsh) – 3:54
2. "Asshtonpark" (Fox, Peters, Walsh) – 2:01
3. "Woman" (Fox, Peters, Walsh) – 4:37
4. "The Bomber: Closet Queen" (Fox, Peters, Walsh)
5. "Tend My Garden" (Walsh) – 5:45
6. "Garden Gate" (Walsh) – 1:36
7. "There I Go Again" (Walsh) – 2:51
8. "Thanks" (Walsh) – 2:21
9. "Ashes, the Rain and I" (Peters, Walsh) – 5:00

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