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What an unbelievable, trend setting album. At a time when the Rock-Country (Southern Rock) music was coming into its own, this was the benchmark album that all others would come to be measured against. The unique blend of rock and country on this CD is exceptional.

Beginning with "Caballo Diablo", a story about a horse and a man's quest to tame him this album moves through songs of attitude (Long Haired Country Boy), songs of barroom mischief (Trudy), of feelings for home (Georgia) and wanting to roam (Feeling Free), of the 'redneck coaliton' (The South's Gonna Do It Again) to some bluegrass covers with drums (Orange Blossom Special) this CD is terrific.

In my opinion this is Charlie's best project. It stands with fond memories in my youth and as I've grown older it has not diminished. A first class project that showed what southern rock is supposed to be all about. A top notch band with great songs can only mean one thing - a top notch CD.

Add this to your collection even if you don't like Southern Rock or Charlie Daniels, as long as you like music you will enjoy the eclectic nature of this project.

Info ByTheHighlander (Richfield, PA United States)

Tracks :

1. Caballo Diablo
2. Long Haired Country Boy
3. Trudy
4. Georgia
5. Feeling Free
6. The South's Gonna Do It Again
7. New York City, King Size Rosewood Bed
8. No Place To Go
9. Orange Blossom Special

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