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Ragnarok supposedly started out as a Pink Floyd tribute group, but by the time of this 1976 album they were very much their own band, incorporating progressive influences of the time into a big spacey symphonic style with a subtle whiff of the pagan about it.

The opening song, "Five New Years" , is one of the strongest, and sets the pattern with the mellotron and synthesizer attack and the ponderous lyrics. The melody here and elsewhere is strong, but the atmosphere is the band's real strength, and they really lay it on thick. Next is the stunning "Waterfall/Captain Fagg". The first part begins with the incredibly silly line about the waterfall being at one with the river, yet it sticks. Then more cosmic interventions and a worthy showing on vocals, guitars and bass. We think we know where it's heading, but suddenly the band veers 180 degrees into the boogie of "Capt Fagg". It's even more preposterous than the gestalt waterfall, but it works even better. The impact is all the greater because it is totally unlike anything else on the album.

From here, "Fourteenth Knock" is a workout for drums and bass until the moogs carry the day, again very melodically. To change the pace, "Paths of Reminiscence" is an acoustic affair and the first indication of any sort of a mystical folky affectation. "The Volsung" evokes druids and other mythic woodland life even more, and is another personal favourite, eerie and tuneful.

If you like graceful space rock with plenty of analog keyboards, and can find this rare recording, do not hesitate to pick it up.
Review by kenethlevine

Tracks :

1. Five New years (4:48)
2. Waterfall - Capt. Fogg (6:16)
3. Fourteenth Knock (4:53)
4. Paths of Reminiscence (4:15)
5. The Volsung (5:58)
6. Semolina (3:57)
7. Nooks (7:13)

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  1. Yeah, this is a sick album. Not a lot of people really know about it and I'm glad that you've posted it. Another hidden gem by a band from Sweden called Ragnarok, perhaps more appropriately, is a self titled. Check out Ragnarok by Ragnarok. It was released in 1976 as well and is very, very good. A nice, easy nocturnal album. Folksy, jazzy prog elements. Not very electronic at all.

    Here's a link to my favorite track from it:

    Cheers and thanks for posting.

  2. Sorry Francis but this band is from New Zealand. I've seen them many times back in the day.



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