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Asfalto was a very influenciating band with and a well reputated one, even outside Spain, mainly during the late 70's and early 80's. The band emerged in 1972, from the ashes of Tickets (were José Luis Jiménez was playing). Their first self-titled CD, edited by Chapa Records (Zafiro) contained tracks like "Rocinante" or "Capitán Trueno", songs that belong to the personal history of lots of rock fans. That record was a kind of rock occasionaly pop and other times closer to symphonic rock, like sticking around, looking an own sound. But, probably, "Capitán Trueno" is the most popular song of the band.

Another touchstone of the in the Asfalto carreer was their concert in London, in the famous Marquee Club (now closed) that had seen lost of the most famosu band in rock history, That gig was so important (even more in that time, taking into account the musical and social spanish scene) that their second LP was plenty of pictures from it!

In spite of the initial succes, a split is produced and half of the band left (José Luis Jiménez y Lene Laina), and formed Topo. Then, Jorge García Banegas and José Ramón Pérez came into the band. The first record with the new line-up was out in 1979 named "Al Otro Lado". Although is fairly irregular, it can be considered an album of progressive rock and contains some of the most powerful symphonic rock done in that time, like "No Está Solo" and "Al Otro Lado", although also tracks just looking the audience like "Mujer de Plástico".

After releasing other albums like "Ahora" and "Déjalo Así", troubles with Zafiro led then to organise their own label in 83, "Snif", releasing "Más que una intención" (83), with a new singer, Miguel Oñate. Their sound is getting away from prog and getting closeer to power rock and pop, maybe according to the market demands in the change of decade. They continued editing material and playing successfully until 85. In that year there's another singer change for Ricardo Benítez ("Richie", ex-Express). They edited "Corredor de fondo", with a lower level.

Public starts decaying and they play as Rockorquesta, they coming back like Asfalto, with a repertory from Asfalto and Topo. Barrios dies in 1992 and, after a tribute, Asfalto decided to back to the road again with Cajide again on drums. Now they are still working. (José Manuel Iñesta)

Tracks :

1. No estas solo (5:11)
2. Mujer de plastico (4:13)
3. Expectativa (6:27)
4. Donde estais? (3:27)
5. El viejo (6:02)
6. Nadie ha gritado (3:44)
7. Al otro lado (10:42)

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  1. Very good Aöbum!!Thanks

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  3. Un disco que me trae muchos y muy buenos recuerdos. Yo también lo recomiendo. Thankx.

  4. Graciassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss solo eso queda por decir! desde Santa marta-colombia!!


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