Thursday, June 18, 2009


Out of the remains of a super psychedelic rock band called SPOILS OF WAR, which develop an extra-cerebral rock containing dreamy folk rock, acid rock and electronic collages, and whose albums fetch fortunes, James Cuomo formed Mormos. The group moved to France and concentrated on the European scene playing a folk-rock that was rather complementary to the kind of the old world. Their sound on the first album can be likened to Incredible String Band, whuile their excellent second album MAGIC SPELL OF MOTHER'S WRATH... delved into a mixture of jazz and folk, somehow stepping between The Pentangle and John Martyn. Their only two albums are highly revered in folk circles but certainly deserve the proghead's attention.

Tracks :

1 Homeside
2 Walk in the light of the Lord
3 October song
4 Plastered in Paris
5 Doves are white
6 Cows in my colourbook
7 Hush
8 No 5 in the book
9 Rit yellow
10 Lady of night
11 Magic Stone
12 Hey Gilles

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