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In their early years, the Swedish band Kaipa were a quartet playing music in the symphonic rock vein as typified by Yes or Genesis. Vocalist/keyboardist Hans Ludin is nearly a dead ringer for a Swedish Jon Anderson, and this comparison may have affected the bands quest for international acclaim, being that their debut was released in 1975 and that progressive rock bands were not in vogue with the big labels by this time (regardless of the fact that they were on Decca in Sweden.)

Their debut is a fine album, showing Kaipa in their early stages. Guitarist Roine Stolt is an immediate standout and proves to be a unique element, his Allman Brothers/Santana influenced playing is a breath of fresh air for this type of music (in fact one wonders what happened to these influences by his transition to the Flower Kings). All of the melodies, many taken from traditional Swedish folk, seem to be worked out and many are quite excellent and accessible. A borderline classic (a little more pyrotechnics would not have hurt) and a definite winner for the 70's symphonic fan.

Tracks :

01 - musilken ar ljuset(music is light)
02 - sake har tva sidor(things have two sides
03 - ankaret(the anchor)
04 - skogspromenad
05 - allting har sin borjan
06 - se var morgon gry(see the dawn)
07 - forlorad i stanbul
08 - oceaner f der liv

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  1. hey preacher, another fine post, cheers for the effort, some mighty fine tunes in this set, regards from oz.


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