Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Gentle Giant, PFM, and Tull immediately came to mind on the fantastic Zombieroch that opens this too long forgotten (one more ) late 70’s album; but many other influences (like Yes , E.L&P, Camel or Gryphon) will be felt as you, track by track, discover this work; Inspired by the early 70’s British Progressive scene, giving them a very professional American treatment and a determined sound, Hands go effortlessly from medieval to full blow symphonic prog and from acoustic to electric with rocking or Funky shades in between, without blinking;
The line up didn’t seem to be very stable, and as many musicians are listed, that it’s not very easy to find out who is playing in which tracks; but that’s is a minor problem; making good use of every possible instrument, from the traditional, bass, drums , guitars and keyboards to the woodwinds, Stick, violin, viola, vitar (a bowed string instrument on “Triangle of new Flight” fits the sound of that word ;-) ) cello, tuned percussions and mandolin, they did a mainly instrumental album , with up tempo and ballad tempo tunes in similar quantities(the sparse vocals either remind me of John Wetton, or point to Ian Anderson or Lake, but the sung parts sometimes have pomposity I don’t particularly appreciate); there’s nothing particularly innovative or groundbreaking but the tracks are so well built and the playing is so flawless that this becomes a rewarding and mostly uplifting (or relaxing), listening experience;

Review by : comusduke

Tracks :

01.- Zombieroch
02.- Prelude #2
03.- Triangle of New Flight
04.- Mutineer's Panorama
05.- Worlds Apart
06.- Dreamsearch
07.- Left Behind
08.- Mindgrind
09.- Greansoap
10.- I Want One of Those
11.- Antarctica
12.- The Tiburon Treasure
13.- Dreamsearch (remix) [Bonus]

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