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After introducing their mild, country-rock charm with 1976's Firefall, Rick Roberts and the band were right back at it a year later with Luna Sea. Following in the footsteps of their debut release, Luna Sea attached the same type of silky harmonies to light, breezy acoustics which confirmed the band's comfortable residence in their genre. Although Firefall's first album contained three hit singles (two of them making the Top 40), Luna Sea has Roberts fully revealing the influences that the Flying Burrito Brothers had on him during his stint with the group. Like their first album, Luna Sea went gold, and it netted them a number 11 hit with the glistening "Just Remember I Love You," with Timothy B. Schmit helping out on background vocals. "So Long" was also a minor hit, while the rest of the tracks are made up of typical love song material that draw more attention from their smooth AM sound than their actual lyrics. Firefall continued their success with 1978's Elan, which also sported a hit in "Strange Way," while the album itself went platinum. ~ Mike DeGagne, All Music Guide

Tracks :

1. Roberts, Rick - So Long
2. Roberts, Rick - Just Remember I Love You
3. Burnett, Larry - Sold On You
4. Roberts, Rick - Someday Soon
5. Firefall - Just Think
6. Burnett, Larry - Getaway
7. Roberts, Rick - Only A Fool
8. Burnett, Larry - Head On Home
9. Burnett, Larry - Piece Of Paper
10. Roberts, Rick/Burnett, Larry - Even Steven
11. Roberts, Rick - Tropical Night
12. Bartley, Jock - Rainforest
13. Burnett, Larry - Ya Never Know
14. Roberts, Rick - Over You

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