Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Gently, so gently the fair music and sweet poetry of olden times passes away. Look westward, beloved, to a new land beyond the sea, to the land we have visioned in our dreams and longed for in the sorrows of our passing days.

ROGER CALVERLEY'S debut recording is an enchanting release designed to create the mood of an ancient Celtic past. With the deep understanding of Celtic traditions and a background in meditation, CALVERLEY has developed a New Age impressionistric approach to Celtic music. Performed on synthesizers and samples, Celtic Mysteries is both relaxing and at the same time evocative.

This album features Celtic Harp, flute, guitars, acoustic bass, Uillean pipes, whistle, oboe, English Horn, violin, cello & percussion. BRUCE MITCHELL ( CELTIC DESTINY ) provides additional keyboards as well as a number of enchanting arrangements.

Tracks :

# Crowned With Luy
# The Silver Branch
# Dreamweaver
# Gently Passing
# Incantation
# The Crimson Rose
# Kestral Song
# Hengedance
# Willow Maid
# Vespers
# Spindlestone

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