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Imagine the late-'60s Kinks crossed with a touch of the absurdist British wit of the Bonzo Dog Band, and you have an idea of the droll charm of Blossom Toes' debut album. Songwriters Brian Godding and Jim Cregan were the chief architects of the Toes' whimsical and melodic vision, which conjured images of a sun-drenched Summer of Love, London style. With its references to royal parks, tea time, watchmakers, intrepid balloon makers, "Mrs. Murphy's Budgerigar," and the like, it's a distinctly British brand of whimsy. It has since been revealed that sessionmen performed a lot of these orchestral arrangements, which embellished the band's sparkling harmonies and (semi-buried) guitars. But the cello, brass, flute, and tinkling piano have a delicate beauty that serves as an effective counterpoint. The group sings and plays as though they have wide grins on their faces, and the result is one of the happiest, most underappreciated relics of British psychedelia.


01.Look At Me I'm You (Godding, Gomelsky)
02.I'll Be Late For Tea (Godding)
03.The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog (Westlake)
04.Telegram Tuesday (Godding)
05.Love Is (Godding)
06.What's It For (Cregan)
07.People Of The Royal Parks (Westlake)
08.What On Earth (Godding)
09.Mrs Murphy's Budgerigar (Cregan, Westlake)
10.I Will Bring You This and That (Godding)
11.Mister Watchmaker (Godding)
12.When The Alarm Clock Rings (Cregan)
13.The Intrepid Balloonist's Handbook, Volume One (Cregan)
14.You (Godding)
15.Track For Speedy Freaks (or Instant LP Digest) (Godding, Gomelsky, Cregan, Westlake)

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