Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After their 1971 debut album failed to register a blip in the marketplace, Chicago sextet String Cheese promptly faded away. Their failure is woeful, because with proper backing and encouragement, they could have been the next It’s A Beautiful Day. Like that San Francisco band, String Cheese’s sound was steeped in sparkling hippie subject matter, strongly delivered by chanteuse Sally Smaller and aided by the electric violin of Gregory Bloch. Unfortunately, their debut album was also their last.

12-string guitarist and co-vocalist Lawrence W. Wendelken wrote most of the songs on String Cheese, and there are some truly tasteful arrangements contained within. "Soul Of Man," for example, benefits from lush, live strings over folksy acoustic guitar picking and sparse drums, while a Larry and Sally duet muses on the winding road that is the human experience. Meanwhile, the harpsichord-led intro to "Woke Up This Morning" (not the theme to The Sopranos) comes straight out of a renaissance court, progressing to a summery, psychedelic electric sitar jam with lyricism glowing in sunshine-induced optimism. There is some serious talent on display here.

Sure, the electric guitar and bass on String Cheese sound more late-’70s than one would hope for, and the themes are a little vague considering America’s involvement in an unjust war propelled by a criminal president, but another album or two surely would’ve worked the kinks out. C’est la vie, I suppose, and at least we have this Fallout reissue. There is nothing in the way of inflated liner notes or bonus tracks, but the new cover art is nice, the remastering has taken quite well, and it’s the first time the album has made it to CD.

by Alan Ranta

Tracks :

1. For Now
2. Crystal
3. We Share
4. Here I Am
5. Empty Streets
6. Forage
7. Soul Of Man
8. Certain Kind Of Day
9. Woke Up This Morning
10. Coming

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  1. Hey Preacher, thanks for the 'cheese' album, a very pleasant way to spent some time out. cheers from oz.

  2. A Great Record! Thanx For Posting! say Pnoom

  3. I have discovered this incredible blog right now.Exquisite it is.However, could you please check track 6, there is no music.Regards.


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