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Src's final album was recorded after the departure of guitarists Gary Quackenbush and Steve Lyman, Ray Goodman assuming all the guitar chores. Despite the shakeup, the sound hardly changed at all, perhaps becoming a bit more progressive-minded. The organ-guitar duels and alternation of concise hard rock with lengthy progressive passages also remained intact. If this album came out today, you'd swear it was a satire of the progressive rock era, some of it is so prototypical. But these guys were serious about what they did, and impressive, in their own way. The CD reissue includes a non-LP B-side from the same era, "My Fortune's Coming True." ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Tracks :

A New Crusader Richardson/Quackenb
Street Without a Name Quackenbush/Richard
Midnight Fever Goodman/Richardson
Never Before Now Quackenbush/Richard
By the Way of You Richardson/Clawson/
Diana Quackenbush/Richard
Across the Land of Light Richardson/Goodman/
The Offering Quackenbush/Richard

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  1. I use to see SRC on a regular basis back is the day.

    This lp was their last of the original SRC sound. It came out at a time when the USA critic's had given up on the vast music landscape of the late 60's Detroit rock scene (MC-5, Sky, Bob Seger, Savage Grace, Amboy Dukes, Savage Grace, The Rationals, and The Stooges).

    The band was well liked in the local area, usually headlined a show, and always got the best looking groupies.

    I remember on a wall outside the Grande Ballroom "Quackenbush is God". Gary use to stand pidgeon toed at the edge of the stage and just burn through his solo's. His solo on "One simple task" is till one of the best in rock music to me.

    As was the Milestones lp, "A Travelers tale" was a move to more mainstream rock. Their debut "SRC" lp remains their best concept & vision of the bands writing and sound.

    The songs "Street Without a Name" & "Never Before Now" were the earliest showcased by the band live long before this lp was recorded.

    Many thanks for your great blog, and all your hard work!

  2. Many thankx for this great record.

  3. Thank you! I love the debut and just scored 'Milestones' and now this. I know it's different, but I gotta hear it for myself. Thanks to Weekend Hippie for the insight!

  4. Slightly more proggy than the first two albums but still and excellent choice...thanks for this.


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