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The origins of the band derive from the enthusiasm for music generated by the Beatles and the idealism of the mid-Sixties. From October 15, 1967 through August 23, 1970, the five members of the band developed the music skills and indentity that enabled us to create this album in the summer of 1970. We wanted to make a record of our music to preserve and commemorate the special bonds of friendship which continue to this day. The Rubber Memory was something special and this album, with all its imperfections, is exactly what we were, and will always be.

Many thanks to Scott Bubrig whose interest, enthusiasm and determined attention to detail have made the reissue of this album possible.

The Rubber Memory continued as a four member band until May 1971 with Bill on drums, Ted on lead guitar/vocals, David Parker on bass guitar/vocals and Joe Montelepre on organ/vocals. In October 1971, Brian Simeon joined the band on bass guitar/vocals and the name was changed to "Oakridge."
The band played its last job in late spring 1972.

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