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A blues rock band who were based in Adelaide and played between 1972-74. Their sole album sold quite well spending five weeks in the charts and making the Top 50. Prior to this they'd recorded a couple of lightweight pop singles, the second of which was a minor hit.

Their album is patchy and encompasses a wide range of styles. “A Song For Tooley” is psych-pop, “Headsong” is good-time pop, “Land Of Supercars” veers towards a jazzy feel, “Country Lady” is a tedious country-tinged song and some cuts like “Brand New Morning”, “Wait Until Tomorrow” and “Goodbye Mother Nature” are pretty dire. “Stay With Me” with its fuzz guitar and “Children's Dreams” are among the better cuts. All the tracks were penned by Mauri Berg (or co-written by Berg and keyboardist Peter Beagley). The album featured a fold-out insert with photos and biographical details of band members and the cover art is stunning.

Bassist Chris Bailey had previously been in Red Angel Panic and went on to play in Aussie pub rock outfit The Angels. Berg and skinman Joff Bateman were later half of Mickey Finn.

Taken from "Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares" by Vernon Joynson, an extensive guide to Canadian / Australian / New Zealand and Latin American psych and garage music 1963 - 1976.

Tracks :

01. A Song For Tooley
02. Land Of Supercars
03. Stay With Me
04. My Younf Friend
05. Headsong
06. Country Lady
07. Children's Dreams
08. Wait Until Tomorrow
09. Brand New Morning
10. Goodbye Mother Nature

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