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Harsh Reality are a little-known, proto-prog band born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire out of the remnants of the Freightliner Blues Band (formerly the Revolution) in the early sixties. The band consisted of Mark Griffiths and Dave Jenkins on guitars, Alan Greed on lead vocals and organ, Roger Swallow on drums, and Steve Miller on bass and backing vocals. They released a single for Phillips in 1968 ("Tobacco Ash Sunday"/"How Do You Feel") before releasing their only LP, Heaven and Hell, on Phillips in 1969. A final single followed soon after, before the band split in 1969.

Their Heaven and Hell LP is now a highly-sought rarity, going for hundreds of pounds between eager collectors. For this reason, Harsh Reality is somewhat famous/infamous in collecting circles.

Though technically proto-prog, their work represented a marriage between the sounds of Procol Harum and early Deep Purple.

Following the band's demise, Roger Swallow has lent his talent variously to Principle Edwards Magic Theatre, Matthews Southern Comfort, Plainsong, Albion Country Band, and Al Stewart before moving to California and establishing himself as an electronic musician, songwriter and entrepreneur. Alan Greed went on to work with Ray Russell[1] on the Rock Workshop albums and as a session singer. Mark Griffiths has worked with Matthews Southern Comfort, Jonathan Kelly, Al Stewart, David Essex, The Everly Brothers, and Cliff Richard & The Shadows. The rest of the band also went into session work.

Tracks :

1. When I Move
2. Tobacco Ash Sunday
3. Mary Roberta (Part 1)
4. Praying For Reprieve
5. How Do You Feel
6. Heaven & Hell
7. Someones Changing
8. Quickenut / Devils Doughter
9. Mary Roberta (Part 2)
10. Melacoly Lady
11. Dont Soot Me Down
12. Girl Of My Dreams
13. Mary Roberta (Part 3)

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  1. Thanks for the album! But...12 tracks instead of 13. So witch track is missing?
    greez Nel

  2. I worked with Alan Greed and Dave Jenkins in THE DELTICS when we supported the ROLLING STONES at the Locarno Stevenage April 1st 1964. I then went on to tour the USA with various well known bands including support on the STONES across America tour.
    Does anybody have any photos of THE DELTICS?
    Eddie Quince


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