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A fantastic all WHITE-BLUES album with fantastic guitar work from MICK HUTCHINGSON.The album was recorded at year 1968, but it was first released by German Little Wing of Refugees label (1994) on limited vinyl pressing, and later on CD (1997).
Mick Hutchinson says .
Due to the odd circumstances that the album was recorded in .
I didn't own an amplifier or have anywhere to live.
I used to go into guitar shops and drool over Marshalls .
And a man with a broken nose [Ballif ] came and took my Gibson 345 away .
Actually the band didn't own any of it's own equipment .
All sorts of mad things kept happening !!
We weren't altogether happy with the way it turned out ,and they were crazy times anyway !!!.That's why it didn't get realeased in the 1960s.
We wished that we could have re recorded lots of it !!

Mick Hutchinson

Tracks :

1. Bad Loser
2. Crow Jane
3. Guess I Have To Set You Free
4. CH Boogie
5. Maybe In The Morning
6. Someone's Been At My Woman
7. Just Wanna
8. The Summer Seems Longer

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