Thursday, April 9, 2009


A searingly sonic set from the Iowa scene of the 70s -- a live recording by the little-known Truth & Janey group, and one that's filled with enough hard-wailing guitar to blow away bigger groups on both sides of the Atlantic! The vibe here is more 1969 than 1976 -- power trio rock with loads of wicked guitar, played with a really heavy sort of sound -- with monstrous support on bass and drums, in a three-pronged approach that almost outdoes Cream at their own game -- and challenges Black Sabbath for early guitar-blasting force. Titles include "No Rest For The Wicked", "Tunnel Of Tomorrow", "Building Walls", "A Child", "Universal Light", "As I Am", "Ain't No Tellin", "Hard Road", "White Bread", and "One Down One To Go"

Tracks :

1.No Rest For the Wicked
2.Birth of the Heart
3.Universal Light
4.Child, A
5.Building Walls
6.Tunnel of Tomorrow
7.Light, The
8.One Down One to Go
9.White Bread
10.My Mind
11.As I Am
12.Ain't No Tellin'
13.Hard Road

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  1. its pretty good but not "challenges Black Sabbath for early guitar-blasting force" good!


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