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Pure Food and Drug Act was a band that was formed in the early 1970s based on the talent and charisma of Don "Sugarcane" Harris. The band began with Paul Lagos (sideman with Johnny Otis, John Mayall ) on drums, Larry Taylor (original member Canned Heat), sideman John Mayall, Tom Waits on bass and Randy Resnick on guitar. Resnick was at that time experimenting with one and two handed tapping technique which was later to become a standard guitarist's tool. The group played small rooms in the Los Angeles area for several months, among which the Troubador and the Ash Grove.

While the band began searching for a record deal, Larry Taylor began to tire of Don's constant lateness and irresponsibility and decided to continue his career with Mayall. At the same time, Harvey Mandel, also a Mayall alumni, was brought in to beef up the accompaniment and to stimulate record label interest, since he had a following from his Chicago blues days. To replace Taylor on bass, a relative newcomer, Victor Conte, was recruited from Comman Ground, a funk band in Fresno that Resnick had played in. Conte went on to play in Tower of Power and with Herbie Hancock in his "Monster Band". Ironically, he also was at the center of a steroids scandal years later. Articles about this story always mention the name of the least famous of Victor's bands, the Pure Food and Drug Act.

Choice Cuts was the band's only album, recorded live in Seattle in 1972. Because of Don's unreliable nature, the band rarely rehearsed, but they did boil over in live performance, with extended solos and improvised ensemble sections. One song would often last 20 minutes or more.

The band had little success with their album (which although recorded live did not reproduce the true live feeling) various changes took place until it broke up altogether a few years after it began. A Choice Cuts CD has been re-released.

Tracks :

1. Introduction: Jim's Message - Pure Food & Drug Act, Luff
2. My Soul's on Fire - Pure Food & Drug Act, Harris, Don
3. 'Till the Day I Die - Pure Food & Drug Act, Harris, Don
4. A Eleanor Rigby - Pure Food & Drug Act, Lennon, John
5. Little Soul Food - Pure Food & Drug Act, Harris, Don [1] Sug
6. Do It Yourself - Pure Food & Drug Act, Harris, Don [1] Sug
7. Where's My Sunshine? - Pure Food & Drug Act, Harris, Don [1] Sug
8. What Comes Around Goes Around - Pure Food & Drug Act, Harris, Don

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  8. The "Snake" Harvey Mandel really shows why he is truly one of the best blues guitarists around. He makes this album worth listening to. Was lucky enough to see them in Denver and they were great live!

  9. I was present at the Fresh Air Tavern in Seattle when this disc was recorded and it is still one of the most important peices of recorded music to me

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