Thursday, April 30, 2009


Very dark and depressing Austrian progressive. Most of the tracks here are rather slow and kinda heavy, dominated by organ and a vocalist who sounds like absolutely EVERYTHING in life sucks! He sounds extremely depressed and tired. Judging from the lyrics, the band was religious, but they still seemed to have a very pessimistic view of life. Just check this lyric from "Blind Children": Try to call yourself on the phone/Surely You are Not at Home/Sweep the Swept Floor Once Again/Stab Yourself and Feel the Pain/. And this is only an excerpt from one song! I think the band had their own style, and even if the music ain't either very virtuose or perfectionisted, I still like it. And the organ sounds great. Worth having if you like 70's progressive.
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Tracks :

1. Paternoster
2. Realization
3. Stop these lines
4. Blind children
5. Old Danube
6. The Pope is wrong
7. Mammoth Opus O

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    please could anyone tell me the songwriting credits for stop these lines.
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