Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Corvus Corax is one of the group most known of néo-medieval rock'n'roll in Germany. The creators of the group are Castus and Venustus . Venustus (Wim) builds itself its instruments (Bagpipes, flutes,…). Corvus Corax also finds under the name of Tanzwut with in this case an electronic addition of instrument.

Tracks :

Introitus Corvus Corax (1:25)
Neva Cengi Harbi (2:40)
Goudalier (4:09)
Saderalladon (4:57)
Saltarello Venusti (2:13)
Stella Splendens (3:53)
Sic Mea Fata (2:58)
Platerspiel (7:20)
Tritonus (2:10)
Spielmannstanz (6:15)
Saltarello (4:18)
Palästinalied (11:43)

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Ripped By : EMB
Artwork Included

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